Melo Lion

Melo Lion Meadery is committed to presenting a sophisticated product that is natural, responsible, and delicious.

Mead Reinvented. The oldest alcoholic beverage has a whole new look. Whether you prefer wine or craft beer, dry or sweet beverages, our various lines of mead will satisfy your taste buds.

The best part, our healthy main ingredient comes straight from Virginia hives and it’s naturally gluten-free! Our honey wines are crafted in Yorktown, Virginia. Don’t you deserve a chance to slow down, Melo-out and enjoy the ride?

Melo Lion is near you! Check out our map to see the local stores and restaurants where you can buy our mead (click on the gold). Or, you can have us ship you a bottle (or six).

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We are proud to be Veteran Owned business. 

"I just finished my first glass of mead. I can't find the right words...I love it!! ...Now that I have tasted mead, I'm like where has this been all my life!! A bottle was given to me recently by a friend. I work in downtown Norfolk, and I will be buying more. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing wine alternative,"  Toby W.