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What Mead Is... and Isn't

Three Things About Mead Most People Get Wrong

There was a time, before we started making mead, that we didn’t know what it was either. Here are a three things that we assumed about it (before we knew better!). Now you know too! Spread the word…

Myth 1: It’s Always Super-Sweet

Nearly everyone knows what honey tastes like. People who’ve never tried mead often assume that it will be sweet and thick. Not so! While some meads are sweet, others are very dry, with a wide range of styles in between. The flavor and sweetness comes from the artistry of the mead maker, the yeast, honey and other ingredients, as well as the process for fermentation.

We encourage you to try all of our Melo Lion meads, and other meads as well. Expand your palette and appreciate all the world of mead has to offer.

Myth 2: It’s Just Another Varietal of Wine

The government forces everything into one of three classes, Liquor, Beer, or Wine.  Mead is technically a “honey wine,” but it is actually in a category of its own. By definition, wine is made with fruit (including grapes). Mead uses honey as its main fermentable ingredient. This means mead stands on its own virtues, distinct from beer, wine, cider or liquors.

Myth 3: It’s Only for LARP Gatherings and Renaissance Fairs

As a libation, mead is really old. It’s been on earth for most of human history, so it features prominently in cultural references, works of art and literature. Mead was considered the drink of royalty in Northern Europe during the renaissance. It was also ascribed certain powers, such as an increase in fertility or healing properties. Thus, the mead references in Robin Hood and Game of Thrones.

We love the history of mead, and all the stories and expressions that come along with it. If dressing up like a knight or queen makes you happy, do it!  But, you can also just sit down, kick-back and enjoy a glass of mead around a campfire in the 21st century. 

You don't have to wear armor to enjoy mead!

You don't have to wear armor to enjoy mead!