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Mead, The Great Comeback Story

Mead is making a comeback, and we think it’s about time! As the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage, mead has a long and storied history. It certainly deserves to be served up alongside fine wine, distilled spirits, and craft beers.

Mead Throughout the Ages

Historians believe our ancient ancestors stumbled upon mead by accident, over 20,000 years ago. The recipe is simple: honey, water and yeast (which naturally occurs in the environment). Imagine finding the first fallen tree with a feral honey bee colony that has collected rain water.  Natural yeasts have started to ferment the mixture, and the happiness of the natives who decided to drink the natural alcohol. Mead is discovered!

For centuries, cultures around the world have enjoyed mead, praising it in works of art and literature. Consider the mead hall described in the Old English epic Beowulf (if you can still remember your high school lit class). But, reserved for royalty and saved for celebrations, mead gradually fell out of favor.

As a fermentable sugar, honey is more expensive and more difficult to obtain than barley or grapes (used in beer and wine, respectively). As societies advanced, these agricultural products became widely available, and technologies for producing beer and wine were perfected. Yet mead was not lost. It just languished in obscurity for a while.

Craft Mead – It’s a Thing

The craft beverage movement has sparked new interest in mead. And mead makers, like our own Zeb Johnston, are refining mead by borrowing practices from today’s brewers and vintners. “The difference between old mead and new mead is the science,” says Zeb. “Today, we control variables like temperature and the yeast lifecycle to create a beverage on-par with craft beer and fine wine. But mead is in its own class. And its popularity is skyrocketing.”

Mead is the smallest, but fastest-growing, segment of the American alcohol beverage industry (according to the American Mead Maker’s Association). So the question remains… have you tried it yet?

Start with Sunshine Daydream

If you’re new to mead, you’ve got to try our flagship mead Sunshine Daydream. It’s a mellow and easy-drinking mead with popular appeal, thanks to the 100% North American Clover honey. Get it on our website, or find it in a local restaurant or retailer.  Get on the bandwagon already!