Melo Lion

Melo Lion Meadery is committed to presenting a sophisticated product that is natural, responsible, and delicious.

Great Things Happen When You Buy Local

We’re local…you’re local. Together, we can do great things. The craft mead market is almost entirely comprised of small, independent businesses like ours across the country. So, whenever you buy a glass or a bottle of our mead, you have a chance to make a difference.  


Meet the People Behind the Brand

Many craft beverage manufacturers offer a tasting room. We don’t have one (yet!) but you can say hello to Zeb at any one of our events or hit him up on Facebook. When you buy local, you’re directly supporting the dream of a local business person.

Our success depends on making you happy. So, like most local producers, we want your honest feedback. You have a hand in what we produce, because we want you to like it and buy more of it, which leads to our next point…

Inspire Innovation and Creativity

Our production line is small and nimble, so we have more room to experiment. With a lower overhead than the bigger guys, we can also take risks and try small-batch runs with local ingredients. More small breweries, wineries and meaderies means more variety for you.

Support the Local Economy & Environment

An article by the Nature Conservancy points out that local craft beverage manufacturers have a smaller carbon footprint because they run smaller operations, distribute more locally, and generally source materials and ingredients from other regional businesses. Plus, when you visit a retailer that offers “growler fills,” you’re helping to cut down on waste from packaging (BTW, we’re planning to keg our mead soon).

You’re also building the Hampton Roads economy. The American Independent Business Alliance reports that every dollar you spend at an independent business returns 3 times more money to our local economy than buying from a national corporation. This also works when you patronize the independent retailers and restaurants that carry our mead!

Get to be the Hero

Someday we hope to get a little larger than we are now. But, don’t worry. We won’t change our values or forget our roots. When that happens, you’ll be able to humblebrag that you’ve been drinking Melo Lion Mead from the beginning. (Start today by telling all your Facebook friends about us!).

Have we convinced you to put your money where your mouth is? Here’s where you can find us