Melo Lion

Melo Lion Meadery is committed to presenting a sophisticated product that is natural, responsible, and delicious.

The man behind the Melo Lion Meadery is beekeeper, business-builder, craftsman, and long-time local, Zeb Johnston. 

Zeb’s first business, Zeb’s Bees was founded in 2010 and grew to a workforce of over one-million employees – or more accurately, honeybees – producing wildflower honey for customers in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Our meadery began with Zeb’s Bees, and we’re keeping our promise to produce delicious products that are all-natural and responsibly-sourced. 

Zeb’s lesser-known passion is the music of a certain 70’s era jam band, which explains our company name. Melo Lion was inspired by a song reciting Samson’s legendary fight with a lion—a story that is as old as mead itself. Samson and Delilah (our two 265 gallon, stainless-steel fermentation tanks) help us give our mead its sting. 

Melo Lion contributes a donation each year to the local beekeeper association of area where the bottle was sold.  If you buy a bottle of Melo Lion mead in Norfolk Virginia, we make a donation to the Norfolk Beekeepers Association.  If you buy a bottle in Newport News, Hampton, or elsewhere on the Peninsula, we make a donation to the Colonial Beekeepers Association.  If you buy a bottle in... well, you get the idea.  

We want to encourage local beekeeping, and these associations are dedicated to training new beekeepers, to help save the local honey bees.  

We do not yet have a tasting room, but are happy to share mead with you through a restaurant or local craft beverage store.  

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